How do we get in contact with you?

- The best way to contact me would be via email ( or on any of my social media platforms. Go to Contact for more information.

Do you have a CD of you covering other artist's songs?

- No, reason I don't is for copyright purposes as I would have to pay the artists for using their material and would have to pay per song on the CD. A mechanical license is also required when working with CD's.

Do you provide your own sound equipment?

-  Unfortunately at the moment I do not have any sound equipment. The DJ who is a part of the event normally supplies the equipment and if that is not the case a fee is included on the quotation for equipment hire.

Can we recommend songs for you?

-  Yes you can. It does depend though on the type of event best most of the time if you request specific music, I will be able to perform it. (It is important that the requests are given to me well in advance for rehearsal purposes.)

How long does it take for merchandise to be delivered?

-At the moment merchandise is not 100% up and running so will depend on the amount of stock required. I will personally be in contact with you with regards to that.

Do you perform in a band?

-  No I don't. I am a solo artist. If live music is required I use session musicians to assist me but I do not have a full band.

Do you have your own CD?

-I am currently in the process of completing my CD. As soon as they are available I will make it known on on my social media platforms so keep your eyes open.

Do you produce your own music?

-Yes and no, currently some of my music is self produced but I also work with other producers.

Can we hire you as a MC?

-Yes you can. Send your request through and we can discuss exactly what it is that you would require from me.

Where can I download your music?

-I am currently working on getting my music out on iTunes where it will be available for purchase. Until then it can be streamed on my SoundCloud page.

Can you play an instrument?

-I am currently still learning the piano. I am still far from where I would want to be if I were to perform while playing. But I am pushing for sooner rather than later.

Do you provide vocal lessons?

-If you require vocal lessons, I will be happy to provide a basic vocal coaching course that can be set up and arranged and rates can be agreed upon.


For any further questions that need to be answered, feel free to submit an email to me. You will find the submission form on the Contact section of my website.