Wedding Reviews

Andre and Katya Frauenstein
15 October 2016


There is no review we can give that can quite do justice or describe our magical wedding day and the amazing atmosphere that Miguel created at our reception.
We had asked him to please be our Master of Ceremonies as well as perform live for our guests throughout the evening... We were BLOWN AWAY!!!!

Each and every set he performed was professional, inviting, romantic and fun all at the same time! He had guests hooked from the moment he started, and once the dance floor opened he had everyone on their feet the entire night.
We can truly say he played a huge part of our dream wedding day.

We would HIGHLY recommend Miguel for any performance one might have in mind. Not only is his voice soothing to the ears, hooking you in from the get go but his charm and charisma whilst performing finishes the package creating a First Class Performer!!

Andre and Katya Frauenstein

Jolly De Menezes Silva
24 September 2016


Miguel was present at my son Robby and daughter-in-law Juliana's wedding on the 24th September 2016 and what a pleasure to have such a wonderfully talented singer in our midst.

Professional and dedicated to his talent it was wonderful to hear him do justice to my choice of a very difficult song Michael Jackson's "You are not alone". Wow, so emotional for me and my family as the words mean a lot to us as a dedication to my beloved Mommy.

Miguel is a treasure amongst the Portuguese community and we very proudly support him in what he does and does so brilliantly. Soothing beautiful voice that he has and a beautiful soul to boot. May your career shine always.

Thank you. Hugs Jolly.

Michelle & Nic Bibis.jpg
Michelle Ferreira Bibis and Nic Bibis
6 February 2016

Apart from Miguel being a phenomenal performer he is a master at paying attention to detail. Miguel is punctual, organized, reliable and so willing to go above and beyond. His enthusiastic nature and sultry voice are the perfect combination for his amazing performances, not to mention his heart of gold!

Michelle Bibis

Function Reviews

Lucy De Ponte
4 December 2016

Miguel, thank you for being a part of our festa this yearyou are truly amazing! 

You certainly exceeded all expectations the crowd loved you, everyone was up on their feet. I wish you all the success for the future I know you will do well , not only are you a natural born entertainer with an amazing voice but your humble personality and great work ethic is what makes you a professional.  I look forward to working with you in the future. Please add us to your calendar for this year

Kind Regards

Lucy De Ponte

Magaliesburg Festa organisation committee

Derick Douglas Hyde
August 2016

On August 2016, Doug & Co had its Grand Opening in Bedford Centre, An evening short of perfect, good food, great company but most of all, I could not have asked for a better artist to come and represent themselves in the opening of my very own first store. Miguel along with his humble charm entertained the crowd throughout the night with such ease – the real life of the party. His passion and talent shines out in each performance he gives time and time again. I highly recommend Miguel for any event…!


Other Reviews

Duerell and Terri-Leigh
5 November 2016

Miguel Pregueiro performed for a function of mine.....besides being a world-class act with a one in a million vocal range, Miguel treated the gig very professional. He was on time for a sound- check and stayed and mingled with the audience until the end.

I would recommend him for any type of function as he has a varied genre of music appealing to all types young and old.

Duerell de Pontes

Ren and Adele Bester

Miguel is one of the most talented, pleasant and humble artists I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is hard-working and has shown none of the arrogance that one sometimes finds with such talented artists. He has an incredible voice that he is able to adapt to any style of music. Having accompanied him on guitar and spent considerable time with him, it is safe to say that Miguel has a massive, bright career as an artist and will endear any who work with him. I wish him all the best and look forward to watching him fly.

Kind Regards
Ren and Adele

Cell: 072-331-3261 or 072-356-2458

Jeanette De Freitas

The first time that Miguel performed for me was on 4 June 2016 at a fundraiser in aid of Rescue Russel. Miguel has been a part of a number of charities and fundraisers performing at a Women’s day fundraiser, Get Caylum to Boston fundraiser and a Christmas fundraiser for less fortunate children on the 9th,  27th of August 2016 and 3rd of December 2016 respectively showcasing his good heart and a willingness to be a part of a great cause.  

Miguel is very talented and versatile as he sings anything from Enrique Iglesias to Frank Sinatra to Michael Buble. His first single, which he released last year, he performed at a Portuguese Festa (festival) in Magaliesburg, where I was photographer. I saw for myself how the crowd went mad for him, especially the ladies! He has a way with them! This an amazing young talent that is going places.

Jeanette De Freitas